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see less. type of: resource. available source of wealth; a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed. Definition of 'support'support. (səpɔːʳt ) Explore 'support' in the dictionary. uncountable noun.

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Whether it’s through a one-off grant or quarterly or monthly payments over a longer period, there might be ways in which we can ease some of the pressure if you’re under a heavy financial burden. The noun FINANCIAL SUPPORT has 1 sense: 1. financial resources provided to make some project possible. Familiarity information: FINANCIAL SUPPORT used as a noun is very rare. During the exemption period, financial support can be provided both for employees who have been given notice that they will be laid off and employees who have actually been laid off. However, under ordinary legislation, financial support can only be obtained for employees who have been given notice but not yet laid off. Definition of financial support in the Fine Dictionary.

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financial resources provided to make some project possible. "the foundation provided support for the experiment" synonyms: support, funding, backing, financial backing other words for financial support. MOST RELEVANT.

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Handla iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac eller Apple TV och utforska tillbehör, underhållning och expertsupport. By dwelling in the ambiguous grey zone, in the valley of the uncanny, they bring to focus the double meaning of mechanical humans, artificial nature, organic  Support.

University scholarships or financial assistance may cover only a portion of the annual tuition fees. Want to learn more?
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Financial Support means any thing of value which is contributed by business, industry, and others to an educa- tional institution which is reasonably calculated to support directly the development and expansion of a particular pro- gram under RCW 28C.04.390 and 28C.04.420 and represents an addition to any financial support previously or customarily provided to such educational institutions by the donor.
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Accounting Manager to Piab - Novare Search & Selection

A transaction that provides funds for a business. Source of subsistence. Financial support (fellowships and assistantships) varies considerably among departments, schools, and programs.

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